• Salesforce.com Management Agent

    Salesforce.com Connector for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager & Identity Lifecycle Manager

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  • SQLCipher

    256 bit AES Full Database Encryption for Mobile, Desktop & Embedded Applications

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  • Combine

    Security Event Management for Windows, Active Directory, and UNIX

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    Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords - Secure Data Vault for iOS, Mac, and Windows

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  • Connect

    Flexible, high-performance search and self-service for organizational directories

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New @ Zetetic

  • Heartbleed Security Statement for STRIP Password Manager - Zetetic has assessed the impact for our customers resulting from this week's OpenSSL security disclosure. Since there is no use of OpenSSL's SSL functions, there is nothing that would expose SQLCipher or STRIP to direct attack via Heartbleed.
  • STRIP 2.0 Released - Features include Google Drive sync support, a new iPad application, configurable field masking to hide sensitive data, improved database security and tamper resistance.
  • SQLCipher 3.1 Released - Now featuring tamper resistent databases, performance improvements, and simpler conversion between database formats.

Security & Identity Management

We specialize in the design and implementation of security solutions for account provisioning, access management, LDAP, security event management, and practical applied cryptography.

Mobile Platforms

Our expertise dates back to the early days of the Palm, but we now focus on current mobile technologies like iOS and Android.

Web Application Development

Today virtually all services are exposed through the web in some form. We use .NET and Rails in our products and projects.

Organizations of all sizes rely on software and services from Zetetic